Sketchbook entry 10.03.21

One unbroken line drawing.

Censorious Woke Authoritarian Big Tech on Instagram wouldn’t permit me to name the religious order of these knights (The Templars), because a name–and an objective, neutral fact of history–inexplicably “violate community guidelines.”

But the word/title “Taliban” does NOT violate community standards.
Thus, the (satirical) title I chose is meant highlight the hypocricy and moral bankruptcy of the Silicone Valley Elites and all their little censor toadies. 

That’s the absurdity and moral perversity of modern censorship, woke ideology, and Big Tech.

I’m an artist. I draw all kinds of stuff. Knights are cool and fun to draw.
So I will draw them.
NOW I will draw even more of them.
Censors be damned.