August 18 – 25, 2021.

A series of timed drawing exercises where I start with 5 minutes, and reduced the time allowed for each drawing, all the way down to 2 seconds! By about the 50 second one, it gets nerve-rackingly fun, like being on a gameshow!

With the exception of the first drawing (of eyes) all the others had an additional twist too. For each drawing I had to randomly select from a pile of 12 different sized pens.

My favorite, aesthetically is probably the Rasputin one.

But I also really liked the “Are You My Mummy” gasmask kid from Dr. Who one. The fourth image ended up having an R. Crumb feel almost. Happy accident. And I must be a creative masochist, because on that exercise I imposed a bonus challenging: Write “AYMM” in as many thumbnail sketches as possible. I kinda impressed myself getting all the way to 10 seconds with that one.

The Cybermen one made me laugh the most. The last four look like it regressed from a seven year old drawing, down to a four year old drawing. Which–besides being funny–is interesting.